THE Division パッチ1.8の「秘密のミッション」の攻略について (隠しミッション)




You ONLY need 1 person with SHD1 & 2 to complete this, Your teammates can have neither

The First person pressing the laptop gets the West Side Piers Weapons Cache

You can run this mission how many times You want, but only press the laptop once

The weapons ain’t re-buyable from the vendor again, like the LVL 4 Weapons.

You got 2 minutes max inbetween the activation of each mark

You need a minimum of 3 guys (4 prefeered)

4th guy stays at the door.

Tier 5 is a Requirement it seems so far.

To unlock this You need SHD 1 & 2
・解除するために SHDの通信1と2が必要となる。

To unlock SHD 2 You need to collect all the new phones

Map of Phones & X Marks – Creds to KimKaos

Once You’ve done this turn in the mission at Camp Clinton to recieve SHD 2
・キャンプクリントンでのミッションで SHDの通信2を受け取ることができる。

The SHD 2 Includes a morse code
・この SHDの通信2にはモールス信号が含まれている。

(…– —-. -…. –..– .—- —-. –… ….. -..-. –… —.. ….- –..– ..— ..— ….- ..— -..-. -…. ….- —– –..– ..— ….. .—- …..)



Those are coords located within West Pier

Every Coord has a “X”

396,1975 – Pier

784,2242 – Disco

640,2515 – Garage

After activating those in the order listed aboveISAC will tell You “Power Online”
・これらの行動が終わると ISAC から知らせが来る。(音声にて確認できる)

That’s when the door will light up.
・ISAC から知らせが来た時にドアが光っている。

To continue You need SHD 1 (Complete Wave 20 on Carrier,Pier 93, Powerhouse) Tier 5

After You’ve done that, Just like befor You gotta turn in the mission at Camp Clinton.

You will be given the SHD 1 that just like SHD 2 includes morse,
・SHDの通信2のようにモールスコードがついた SHDの通信1を与えられる。

Never personally written the morsecode from this The result however gives You those 3 new coords.


663,2247 – Car Wash

980,2400 – Cera Roof

610,2120 – Barrel

Once this is done

Head straight to the door (Unless you got a 4th guy there already) Door Location Go inside & activate the laptop





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