【PC Game】 The charm of “Escape from Talkov” Part 1

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What kind of world is “Escape from Talkov”?

The Talkov of Russian was closed for after conflict. But, PMC(USEC and BAER) that was the beginning of the conflict and NPC(SCAV) that is armed gangs of the opposing forces still remained in the conflict area, and they are conducting security activities.

What is the playability of “EFT”?

MMO is called “an online video game which can be played by a very large number of people simultaneously”. The EFT is not large in scale; it is a game to play with 6 or 14 players on the server that is called Raid. They pillage weapons and items in battle of PMC and NPC, or they achieve the item recovery that is dropped on the map and the quest. The objective of the former and the latter is to escape.

What happens if I die in raid?

When I was killed by the SCAV and other players, proximity weapons and items other than inside the pouch will be lost. This means losing armed items that you brought. Armament is indispensable to advance advantageously in raid. There are also RPG elements, there are many skills, so it is possible to raise the success rate of escape by skill up. For that reason, players who are not good at FPS will be able to enjoy EFT by raising their skills

How about the relationship between USEC and BAER?

Players can choose either USEC or BAER. The relationship between the two sides is not a valid relationship… There is also a mission that kills each other. It will be necessary to tell your friends the position of yourself to prevent incorrect shots and friendly fire in the case of sorting out at the raid by forming a squad. I myself have killed a lot of my friends. Of course I have been killed by my friends.

Drinks are necessities!!

There are moisture and hungry gauges, but with current closed beta you do not have to worry about hunger, you need to bring moisture or procure locally!!

What is the structure of life gauge?

Life gauge is set for each part below, and when the part’s life indicates 0, it becomes necrotic treatment. Then there is a handicap for each part…In the case of feet the speed of movement drops and I cannot run. Moisture will sharply decrease in case of lower abdomen… And in the case of arms, collection elasticity when shooting gets worse…

Real oriented, anyway!!

There is no mini-map, and the direction the enemy has fired is only hearing is reliable. And it takes time to recover and bullet replenishment. In the case of recovery, since the behavior is visualized, it cannot be attacked. If you mistake the timing of recovery you will be stuck in enemies and will be attacked. Also, with bullet replenishment, it is necessary to fill in magazines. Therefore, it is necessary to bring multiple magazines. For example, when three magazines are tried out, it is necessary to fill in at least one magazine. Needless to say this also takes time. About 30 seconds of bullets can take in magazine it takes more than 20 seconds…

There is a sense of tension that cannot be tasted unless it is real oriented!!

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